Friday, 8 July 2011

1 week to go, last minute shopping needs

Well its 1 week until we are on our way to a field in Petersfield to camp and prepare ourselves for the 100km walk. Hmm how do i feel? nervous as sin? scared? worried? erm all 3?

I don't think my brain is going to accept its happening until am literally walking away from the starting point and THEN its gonna say `ARE YOU CRAZY!?!`

I've done all the walking i can, altho i plan on going shopping in Lakeside this weekend for last minute items i need, so that will add a few Km am sure :) who would have thought doing something for charity could be so expensive :) heh.. our company has got 8 teams taking part and all of us have raised in excess of £1800, most surpassing £2000, thats not to say everyone has sponsored, there is quite a few who havent, you KNOW who you are ;)

Heres your chance to sponsor if you hadnt noticed the link on EVERY blog i've done, or my homepage, OR on Facebook etc :) 

Might blog next week, but if not, then next blog will be a `post event` update. :) *knees shake*

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