Thursday, 21 April 2011

T-86 days to go, but first comes Easter

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Well decided to reset my countdown to match the one on the sponsorship page, which is based on start time/date of the actual walk, rather then the start of me heading down there etc (day before). Less confusing i guess. :)

Anyways, been doing lots of walks, tracking myself with Runkeeper app on my phone. Was out in Hampton Court yesterday in the blazing heat walking from Bushey Park to the palace (free parking never something to be sniffed at), walking around the palace and the shops in the palace :) All adds up to good training i reckon..

Well i had to do a bit more this week since its now Easter weekend, and the temptation for eggs and indulging in `over eating` is going to be hard to resist as will be at my brothers this weekend for his birthday, and then its Laurie's birthday next weekend, and with the bank holidays my `fixed walk` routine of walking home etc and walkaround Wimbledon at lunch wont be happening. Will have to do another walk home from work in the following week to make up for it i guess.

Anyways, i've bought new boots for the walk, and a new smaller lighter bag for stuff. oh and my plans for being `online` during the whole event has been boosted by my Solar charging device i bought from Maplins.. tis all coming together nicely :)

Anyways, thats enough waffle from me. Dont forget to sponsor :)

Friday, 15 April 2011

T-90 days - The training HAS begun

Well it was inevitable wasn't it. Less then 3 months will be aiming to walk 100km in as little time as possible (24 hours aimed for), and this week i did my first `trial` walk from Office to Home.

According to Googlemaps thats a 13.2km walk. GM also claims that it would take me 2 hours 47mins to do it. Good target i thought. Well with iPod on, and the weather looking decidedly dodgy i set off.

Hitting the 10km mark in the centre of Ewell in 100mins, couldnt get more easy on the math could you, 10km in 100mins, thats 1km in 10mins or 6km/h. Is that a good pace? it suggests i could walk the 100km in under 17 hours. Sounds alright to me.. well the pace was okay, but my feet were not quite so happy. Blisters.. well it was first decent length walk, so understandable i guess, but pain is good apparently.

I've since installed a piece of software on my Desire that tracks my walks etc, and i will publish these (might as well eh?) so can keep track of my pace over time etc..

OH and we now have our fundraising page up and running so you can all donate!

Trail Raiders team page - Donate here, PLEASE?

Monday, 11 April 2011

T-94 Days

Apart from sounding like a story about a tank, its now just 94 days until the walk.
Training has no quite begun in earnest, but i AM thinking about stuff.. I've popped into `Blacks` and `Argos` looking at equipment i might need etc (Boots, walking poles, bag, solar charger etc)

As long as weather is okay on Wednesday will be walking home, thats 13.2km according to Google (and they dont lie do they?). So should be a good test of my bodies current state (13.2% of final walk in 1 go sounds a good starting point!)

Need to find out whats happening with sponsorship stuff so can start spamming world and dog to get money :) hopefully be soon.

Going to be a hectic week work wise anyways, so at least should go quickly.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

99 Days til my feet resign

Well, usually my blogs are boring and about techy things (okay there's only been 2, but that's 2 tech ones), however this one is a bit different, and they will be like this for a bit. You see i've signed up to do the Trail Walker 2011 challenge for Oxfam, which is a 100km walk, in under 30 hours. So my blogs will still be boring but about me doing this walk instead :)

Our company (Square Enix) is putting up the funds to help us enter etc, but then it's up to us to get sponsorship to try and raise as much as we can for the Gurkhas and Oxfam charities.Will post details of how to sponsor when its been sorted out.

The walk itself will start early Saturday morning, and end Sunday lunch time in theory, with the famous Gurkha curry waiting for us :)

Training has begun for me, well i say begun, i've thought what i need to do.. Walk a lot!.. i've already `planned` to walk home (13.2km) as often as the weather allows (starting, erm, next week!).

Just need to get meself some sturdy walking shoes/boots though. If anyone has any good tips be glad to hear em.. :)