Thursday, 14 July 2011

24 hours to go

Okay thats only until we set off to the field to camp out the night before (register etc) but still, ARGH!! 24 hours!!! argh.. there its out of my system now, oh wait ARRGH.. no now it is..

I wont be able to blog until its over, so if this is my last blog next week u'll know why lol

Been packing my support box with essential things i will need.. so got my waterproofs in there, which is essential now since the weather forecast is for heavy rain!! wtf its JULY!! sigh.. i've got my flapjacks for in walk snacks, and a bag of nuts to provide energy.. we're looking to have a buffet it sounds like for `food` at each checkpoint, where we can make up sarnies/rolls quickly etc.. i just hope like all buffets it has mini sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple on a stick.

We're going out for a team lunch today, so thats gonna be a carb based meal i reckon :) after being on a carb lite diet for a few years my body is truly loving this even, it wont be thinking that in 72 hours time i reckon :)

Dont forget to check out the live oxfam page so can track our progress on the day/s

Oh and of course its never too late to sponsor me!!!

Well as i said this is the last blog before the event.. so erm, wish me luck eh?

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