Friday, 10 June 2011

36 days to go, training stalling a bit :(

Well as the title suggests, its 36 days until the big day, and haven't done any major walks since the north downs walk last week. Not good :( Will need to do a walk home soon, to try and keep legs going etc. Weathers gonna be a pain tho I can imagine, altho obvious this again is probably good for trying out the waterproof' jacket i got etc.. ahh well lets cross that bridge when come to it..

Other teams from Square are doing an overnight walk tonight, i believe our team was going to join them but schedules got busy and had to pull out. My schedule this weekend is taken up with my lovely girlfriend taking part in the `Race for Life` event in Essex on Sunday. She has a sponsorship page going :) Will be there supporting her, hmm wonder if they'd mind me actually going along with her `supporting/training` ;)

Anyways, will get back to my training next week, walking home on Wednesday etc.. we have a long walk planned for during the day `soon` but work commitments are hampering that now too. Boo..

As always will end this with the link to our sponsorship page ;)


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